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2023 in Review

— In 2023, I traveled abroad for the first time, fostered my learning and professional development, grew cherished friendships, and found joy in new podcasts, music, and blogs. With this new post format, I’m reflecting on some of those milestones and thinking ahead to next year.

Spring in bloom 🌸

— Here in Seattle, spring is in full bloom. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather to come! In the meantime, enjoy some iPhone shots I took of mossy trees and cherry blossoms exploding with color.

Weekend road trip on the Olympic Peninsula

— Recently, Alex and I took a weekend trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington! The getaway, while short, was packed with a day of adventures, and we had a blast exploring some spots in the Olympic National Park for the first time.

First fall in Seattle

— It’s been some time since my last post! With Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close, I thought I’d share a recap of my fall in Seattle.

Getting to know Eastside spots

— This past month was eventful, filled with many weekend adventures to places near our apartment in Redmond. It’s been so enjoyable to get outside and explore new areas around us—safely, of course!

Exploring the Bellevue Botanical Garden

— We took a visit to the Bellevue Botanical Garden in the morning. I really enjoyed looking at the many kinds of flowers, trees, and plants. I was amazed at the sheer diversity of everything! From grasses and floral displays to a traditional Japanese garden, there was a lot to discover.

We made it!

— Alex and I are officially moved in to our apartment in Redmond, WA! The trip went incredibly smoothly, and thanks to the help of our dads, the move-in process was quick and painless (despite a near-100° day this past Sunday.)

Across the Great Plains

— Driving through Minnesota and half of South Dakota was both tiring and awe-inspiring at the same time. The scenery gradually changed from typical Midwest (plentiful exits, trees, curves along the highway) to flat, straight roads with bare surroundings except for fields.

On the road

— Today we started our move out to the West Coast! We’re currently settled in at a cabin in Wisconsin, and the first day of travel went well.

It’s really happening!

— Less than a week until we move! This Wednesday, my fiancé Alex and I are leaving from Ohio to move to our new apartment in Washington. We are mostly finished packing and currently feeling all the emotions! Through this blog, I plan to document my discoveries in the Pacific Northwest and our new life together in Seattle.