Ted Boyer
Sr. Front-End Designer

Greater Cleveland RTA. Navigating the future—together.

This year’s annual report is inspired by the voices of the community.

At the start of 2019, we gathered perspectives from 300 riders and 300 non-riders via a survey conducted online and by phone through an independent research firm. The study was fielded to a demographic mix representative of Cuyahoga County, with a focus on those who reside within RTA’s immediate service area. We wanted to understand the impact of RTA’s 2018 initiatives, while also gleaning insight into how we can improve the RTA experience for our region moving forward.

From a design perspective, we evolved the standard annual report template to showcase the conversation between RTA & the community—highlighting stats, facts, awards, achievements, areas of improvement identified, and impact. The end result is an infographic-style report that draws the reader in and guides them through a plethora of rich information in an engaging, graphic style.

My Roles

  • Web design
  • Front­-end development
  • Content design


  • Designer: John Naegele
  • Copywriter: Annie Ertle
  • Programmer/Designer: Ted Boyer
  • Motion Designer: Sarah Wagner
  • Creative Director: Steve McKeown
  • Associate Creative Director: Mark McKenzie
  • Account Supervisor: Joe McLaughlin
  • Associate Director of Brand Strategy: Jessica Thompson

Work completed in 2019 for Brokaw

Annual report heroMotion design style frames

Motion design style frames. Collaborating with my partner, we designed a hero animation to introduce the annual report theme. The process began with exploring style options for the spotlighted state.

President and General Manager’s MessageEconomic Impact
Economic Impact
Demand & OutreachDemand & Outreach
Safety & Security
Safety & SecurityInfrastructure
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