Cayman Jack

Cayman Jack® is a premium margarita that’s already prepared. To help them in one of their upcoming peak sales cycles, Cinco de Mayo, we developed a microsite to make throwing a sophisticated Cinco party as easy as pouring a Cayman Jack. The site features curated Spotify® playlists, beyond-the-taco recipes, decor ideas linked to Amazon®, and product offers.

My role included web development and UX design for the microsite.

Web development
UI/UX design

Work completed in 2019–2020 for Brokaw




Art Director: Allison Beer
Copywriter: Annie Ertle
Programmer/Designer: Ted Boyer
Digital Director: Mike Krueger
Creative Director: Steve McKeown
Associate Creative Director: Mark McKenzie
Account Director: Leah Dwyer
Senior Account Executive: Zorina Kennedy
Director of Strategic Planning: Tim Laubacher

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