Ted Boyer
Sr. Front-End Designer

NaviGate Prepared. Extending the brand’s role as a guide in the complex school safety space.

NaviGate Prepared is a virtual safety preparedness tool uniquely designed for K-12 schools. With a holistic suite of emergency preparedness solutions, NaviGate Prepared helps schools develop and execute effective safety programs that prepare staff and students.

Brokaw was tasked with optimizing the website, adjusting design and functionality to better align with its business objectives and how users engage with the site.

My Roles

  • Web design
  • Brand development
  • Art direction


  • Copywriter: Annie Ertle
  • Programmer/Designer: Ted Boyer
  • Digital Director: Mike Krueger
  • Illustrator: Sarah Wagner
  • Account Director: Leah Dwyer
  • Associate Director of Brand Strategy: Jessica Thompson

Work completed in 2019 for Brokaw