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Frank Chimero on design criticism

— This is an exceptional list of tips & techniques for productive design criticism by Frank Chimero. I learned some of these points in practice in design school, but it’s helpful to remind ourselves of smart ways to conduct and respond to critique, primarily when working in a team.

Free Period Press

— Recently discovered this small Cleveland-based publisher of creative products, and I’m completely obsessed. Their products balance self-care, creativity, action, and playfulness.

7 ways writing improves creativity

— If you aren't writing, this article lists many great reasons why you should be. I believe design and writing go hand-in-hand, and I know for one practicing this blog has helped me reflect on my interests and become a better designer in the process.

Favorite Blogs

— These are a few more design blogs to follow that I’ve been enjoying recently. Take a look at them below!

The key to good design: Emotion

— This is not web-related, but I love this short read on Print Magazine's website on NYC artist Timothy Goodman. In the article, Timothy says: “Approach design as a practice, not as a profession.”