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Frank Chimero on design criticism

— This is an exceptional list of tips & techniques for productive design criticism by Frank Chimero. I learned some of these points in practice in design school, but it’s helpful to remind ourselves of smart ways to conduct and respond to critique, primarily when working in a team.

Moth Animation Studio

— Just found this terrific logo animation and showreel for an animation studio in London called Moth. I love the contemporary, hand-drawn style of their work!

Free Period Press

— Recently discovered this small Cleveland-based publisher of creative products, and I’m completely obsessed. Their products balance self-care, creativity, action, and playfulness.

Annie Atkins

— This designer specializes in graphics for filmmaking, including movie posters, props, and set pieces.

Ben Tousley

— I’ve been aware of the work of Ben Tousley for a while now, but have just recently started to appreciate his growing portfolio of design work. He has designed album covers and record packaging for musicians like Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and Rostam.

Public Art Trip: New York City

— The Art Assignment has a wonderful video on the abundant public art in and around NYC. If you aren't subscribed to them on YouTube, check out their channel for more weekly videos on the topic of art.

Rafaël Rozendaal

— Rafaël Rozendaal is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary artists in the digital/web realm. His recent solo exhibition, Abstract Browsing, consisted of woven tapestries of abstracted websites. Likening pixels on a screen to stitches on a weaving, the artist transformed the web into strange, fascinating works of art.