Mechanics Bank

Mechanics Bank is a full-service community bank that’s remained independently managed for over 130 years. The new site provides a user-friendly experience that brings Mechanics’ service-forward, real and human personality to the forefront.

Collaborating with my partner, my role included front-end development and visual/UX design for the website redesign.

Front­-end development
Digital/UX design
Email design

Work completed in 2018–2019 for Brokaw

A new visual design. We developed a fresh look for the website to bring Mechanics’ brand personality to the forefront. Using carefully-considered design elements and improved information architecture, the new site feels friendly, modern, and engaging. I was brought in to this project at an early stage to help expand on existing wireframes and designs, code the site’s sections and components, and refine the overall visual design, through to the site launch.

Thoughtful UX. From navigation to the flow of pages, we approached the site with strong attention to detail and a focus on usability. One of our challenges was figuring out how to best display the product comparison information across devices. I researched and prototyped responsive table patterns, then using this work, my team and I developed a solution that presents this complex data in a clear and intuitive way.

Interactive features. We created comprehensive digital functionality for the bank’s programs—allowing high school students to fully keep track of their financial literacy progress, investment in their community, and more.

Beyond the site. I concepted and designed an internal email newsletter to accompany the site launch.




Copywriter: Annie Ertle
Programmer/Designer: Ted Boyer
Digital Director: Mike Krueger
Senior Account Executive: Zorina Kennedy
Copy Editor/Proofreader: Holly Kirby

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