Scenic first trip to San Francisco 🌁

Visiting San Francisco (and California) for the first time was just incredible. I flew in with my husband for a work party, but we stayed the weekend to explore more on our own.

As a visual person, I especially admired how much design there was to take in. We spent the week walking around, riding transit, and exploring the different neighborhoods. I love San Francisco's remarkable design touches, including its architecture and scenic landscapes.

Like other metropolises, SF feels dazzling, but there's a unique charm to it I can't quite put my finger on. I'm very much looking forward to more trips to this west coast city!

Picturesque view of the Golden Gate Bridge flying in to SFO
My husband and I marveled at the gingerbread houses on display at the Ferry Building. Our favorite was the California Mid-Century Modern display, so clever!
Photos from the 2021 Inkling Holiday Party held at Urban Putt. The mini-golf course was unlike anything I’ve seen!
Enjoying lots of food in SF (dumplings and ube soft serve)
Taking in the panoramic views from Lands End
On Saturday, we rode a ferry in to Sausalito per a suggestion from a co-worker. The sun was warm and lovely outside!
Sausalito is a secluded bayside getaway right outside of San Francisco. We had a wonderful time exploring the town’s eclectic shops and restaurants.
We saw Redwoods at Muir Woods which was very impressive!
Ending the trip with this view of the Bay Bridge—I had a blast visiting SF for the first time!

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