Ted Boyer
Sr. Front-End Designer

Portfolio Sites

Grant Burke - I like the one page design of this freelance graphic designer’s portfolio site. There is continuity of color and graphic elements, such as rules, and I like the rollover effects on the portfolio section. One aspect I could integrate from this design into my own would be the structure of the layout, with a nav, header, portfolio section, contact, and footer all on the home page. Overall, this is a very clean, structured design.

Jon Contino - This is a super clean and robust design from an award-winning designer and letterer. Three aspects I could use on my site from this one are the generous use of white space to give the user breathing room, the navigation which has a subtle animated effect when you scroll to or from it, and the pop-out rollover effects on the work section. I’d also like to use something clean and elegant like Jon Contino’s site has for the footer.

Aaron Warner - This is another very clean portfolio site design. Although the mosaic-style work section looks good here, I don’t like how there is a “View Full Portfolio” link. One part of this site I do think would work well on mine would be the large, beautiful images on the project pages.

Jake Blakeley - I like the subtle animation effects on the nav here, and the animation on the portfolio thumbnails is just wild! His journal page also has some interesting interface design going on with collapsable posts. The about and contact pages are very well-designed, too.

Norris Hung - This site is more of a web designer and developer portfolio, but there are some nice interface elements going on here. On the home page, the header has good hierarchy, and as you click through the nav, the logo reduces in scale. He also uses beautiful typography, although the web fonts aren’t from Google Fonts.

Pavel Huza - One of the first things I noticed about this site that I really liked was the “Check My Work” button that prompts you to take a look at the portfolio. The nav also changes as you scroll which I love about the interface. I’m really leaning towards a one pager for my portfolio site, so this could be a good starting point for inspiration.

Tyler Somers - This designer’s site is another one pager with a lot of really great background pattern design. Two parts I could use as inspiration for my site are the design quotes element on his site, and the fading/re-appearing nav bar.

Adrian Cabrero - This website is pretty well-designed, and I like the round picture for his about section, with a sub-headline and smaller, multi-paragraph description below. The contact form is also nice and simple.

Visuo Design - This is a design studio website, not a personal portfolio, but I like the idea of having a services/specialties section with big icons and small descriptions. Another interesting design aspect on this site is the “Send Us a Message” button which pops out into a full-screen contact form.

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