Design Blogs

As designers, it’s important to read and be informed about what’s out there in the design world to become more knowledgeable, smart, and motivated creatively. Design blogs are an excellent way to do so because many are highly interesting to discover, offer the latest news and inspiration, and help us better understand who we are as designers in the process.

I read a bunch of blogs currently, many design-related, others not. Below is a list of 5 of my favorite design blogs. Hopefully you will find something fantastic to discover in these!

Swissmiss - I like reading this design blog because it has a great sense of personality behind it, and the posts are always wonderful!

Communication Arts - This is another great resource for design students. Although it’s technically a print/digital magazine, the website and accompanying Twitter feed have many insightful articles and stunning work from a range of disciplines.

Creative Bloq - This is a popular one, and very good for the latest graphic design news and techniques. It’s also written in a way that’s enjoyable to read for designers of all levels in the industry.

Webdesigner Depot - This is a really amazing blog for web design enthusiasts. It includes lots of findings, inspiration, and resources that can boost your web design work.

Colossal - Colossal is a super fun blog to explore, especially if you love art and visual culture. There are plenty of quality posts per week on photography, design, and more!

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