The Many Benefits of Annotating Your Wireframes

A useful article by Andrew Smyk on the Adobe XD Ideas blog.

Through my experience, I’ve found that using notes and annotations in wireframes often helps communicate your design decisions—which is critical in such an early phase of a project! Annotations can bring clarity to UX intentions, help clients understand the broader context/overall picture, aid with handoff for development and copywriting, and much more. Plus, notes can be an excellent resource for your future self, reminding you of details if you pick up the project later on.

Without annotations, wireframes can become confusing to others. For example, a client may not have the full understanding of what a particular section is there for, or how it will align with their business objectives. Although, as the author states, it’s still important to walk through your wireframes:

Wireframe annotations are for providing context and communicating project concepts and ideas to stakeholders. More often than not, wireframe annotations are not read over in detail. Be prepared to speak to your annotations and answer questions from the client and project teams.

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