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    Rafaël Rozendaal

    May 13, 2016

    Photo by Don Lewis

    Rafaël Rozendaal is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary artists in the digital/web realm. His recent solo exhibition, Abstract Browsing, consisted of woven tapestries of abstracted websites. Likening pixels on a screen to stitches on a weaving, the artist transformed the web into strange, fascinating works of art.

    In that same show, Rozendaal also displayed his haiku wall paintings. I absolutely love his haikus because of how refreshingly honest they are. The haikus are straightforward takes on our modern, hectic lives, and often make me smile because of how simple they are.

    You can take a look at his Abstract Browsing show here. Rozendaal is also selling a 160-page book of his haikus—the culmination of a two-year project.

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