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Tulips, Port Townsend, and the Olympic coast 🌷

May 7, 2022

I returned from a great trip to spots around Washington state with my family this past week. Now that I’m home, I can’t wait to share photos in this blog post!


We visited the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley at peak bloom. The tulips were such a fantastic sight. In the garden at Roozengaarde, petals were gently falling from the trees as we walked through the many beautiful tulip displays. It wasn’t too crowded, either, since we went on a Friday.

My family and I also enjoyed walking around the fields, with rows and rows of endless tulips and vibrant pops of contrasting color.

Near the end of our morning, the sun came out, which provided excellent light for photos of tulips with the Cascade mountain range in the background.

Port Townsend

Next on our trip, we took a ferry from Seattle for a weekend getaway in Port Townsend. Port Townsend is a lovely historical town with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and beaches. We spent most of the weekend on the waterfront, and it was splendid.

My favorite view was from the old Fire Bell Tower. It overlooked the historical buildings and Puget Sound.

Cape Flattery

After exploring Port Townsend, we stayed in a Port Angeles rental home to see the Olympic National Park for a few days.

I’ve wanted to visit this area, which recently opened to the public again. Cape Flattery is located in the Makah Reservation, outside Olympic National Park near the town of Neah Bay.

Hiking this trail exceeded every expectation of mine. It’s the most Northwestern tip of the continental U.S. The paths and views are rugged and spectacular.

I was surprised by the diverse scenery—there are cliffs, forests, rocks with crashing waves, birds, and soothing ocean sounds. Multiple viewpoints allow visitors to take in all of this. It was a refreshing experience!

Ruby Beach

I absolutely love Ruby Beach and the Washington coast. Last year, I visited with my partner in March, but it was cold, windy, and drizzling. The warm sun came out this time, and blue skies provided a perfect backdrop to the sea stacks.

It was so cool seeing the foamy waves crash onto the beach. Even though it was early May, I felt like I could set up a beach chair and read a book! I felt recharged being back at the ocean.

Spring in bloom 🌸

March 25, 2022

Here in Seattle, spring is in full bloom. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather to come! In the meantime, enjoy some iPhone shots I took of mossy trees and cherry blossoms exploding with color:

Scenic first trip to San Francisco 🌁

December 23, 2021

Visiting San Francisco (and California) for the first time was just incredible. I flew in with my husband for a work party, but we stayed the weekend to explore more on our own.

As a visual person, I especially admired how much design there was to take in. We spent the week walking around, riding transit, and exploring the different neighborhoods. I love San Francisco’s remarkable design touches, including its architecture and scenic landscapes.

Like other metropolises, SF feels dazzling, but there’s a unique charm to it I can’t quite put my finger on. I’m very much looking forward to more trips to this west coast city!

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Weekend road trip on the Olympic Peninsula

April 10, 2021

Recently, Alex and I took a weekend trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington! The getaway, while short, was packed with a day of adventures, and we had a blast exploring some spots in the Olympic National Park for the first time.

The weather was surprisingly fair for March. We got some peeks of sunshine which was so pleasant after a long, rainy winter in Seattle! Plus, it was great to have a change of scenery after working from home in our apartment for what feels like an eternity.

We had been planning this trip for a few months, but after a snowed-in Saturday in February (where Alex’s car may or may not have gotten stuck coming back from the grocery store that morning), we had to postpone it at the last minute. I’m so glad we could go when the temperature was a bit warmer, especially since driving around mountains in winter could have ended up being a difficult time.

Our “home base” for the weekend was an Airbnb in Port Angeles, around 2½ hours from Seattle. It was charming—we cooked our favorite empanadas for dinner and got takeout at a local Italian spot the next night. The space was roomy, and the location was ideal for being close to many great sites in the national park!

I took many photos on our trip, and it felt great to get into my natural shutterbug mode. We came back home refreshed and inspired.

Lake Crescent

I was struck with complete awe as we drove around the winding highway alongside Lake Crescent. It was around 9 am, and the sunlight was hitting the trees on the mountainsides in the most perfect way! The lake’s surface looked so serene, and below the blue sky, misty clouds interweaved with the landscape. I felt entirely calm at that moment—the views and the experience were nothing short of magical.

Ruby Beach

This was such a cool experience taking in the Pacific Coast’s sights and sounds for the first time! It was a gray morning, which added a dramatic touch to the misty, rocky scenery. My favorite thing to see was the sea stacks on the shore. It was a very Pacific Northwest moment!

Hoh Rainforest

We enjoyed visiting the Hoh Rainforest, one of the most popular spots in the national park! The trees along the Hall of Mosses trail were sprawling and spooky, and it was tranquil in many parts of the rainforest. One of the most notable things was how crystal clear the Hoh River was due to the lush moss and greenery. This was a place I felt we could spend hours exploring.

Marymere Falls

Alex and I loved hiking Marymere Falls! The trail itself was pretty manageable, and the view of the waterfall was absolutely worth it. I especially liked the bridges along the paths, and the forest was thriving and green.

Route 101

This was one of those trips where the sights along the road were just as interesting as the destinations! We saw many snow-capped mountains, and the landscapes changed drastically within miles of driving. Some parts were clear, and others were wet and rainy, but it was all spectacular.

The Olympic National Park was unlike anything I’ve seen, and we can’t wait to return someday soon.

My post-pandemic Seattle bucket list

March 6, 2021

Things are looking up a little bit with the state of the pandemic, which has me daydreaming about all the possibilities for fun activities in Seattle! I put together a short list of things I want to enjoy, and I’m sure I’ll keep adding to this. From biking to picnics and tourist attractions, there’s a bunch to see and do—hopefully by the end of this year.

See cherry blossoms in spring

From mid-March to April, cherry trees bloom across the Pacific Northwest. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of these, if not this year due to crowds, definitely in 2022!

Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park

As part of the Seattle Art Museum, this park holds an outdoor sculpture museum, indoor pavilion, and beach on Puget Sound. I’m really looking forward to visiting!

Find a great Vietnamese restaurant

I enjoy all kinds of Vietnamese food, and I’d love to find a go-to spot for bánh mì, phở, bánh xèo (crepes), and more.

Experience otters at the Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium holds both sea otters and river otters (my favorite!) They even have virtual Otter Cams, but that’s obviously not the same! My 2021 goal is to experience these playful mammals in real life.

Be a shutterbug at the Bellevue Botanical Garden

This was one of my highlights in my first week after moving here, and I’d love to take another visit. I discovered there’s a suspension bridge, too, which looks amazing!

Have a picnic in downtown Redmond

What better time than spring to have a picnic nearby? Redmond has a beautiful park downtown that’s within a short drive or bike ride.

Explore Pike Place

With Seattle’s iconic farmer’s market and a giant Ferris wheel overlooking the waterfront, this would make a great place for a post-pandemic afternoon.

First fall in Seattle

November 29, 2020

It’s been some time since my last post! With Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close, I thought I’d share a recap of my fall in Seattle.

Alex and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Washington Park Arboretum to see the fall colors in October. It was so cool to see all the diversity of plants, leaves, and trees. My favorite spot to see was Azalea Way, a highlight of the gardens that offers a beautiful walk. With cherry blossoms blooming in the spring, this would be a perfect place for picnics and small gatherings.

The following weekend, we explored Kubota Garden, a Japanese garden in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood. The weather was pleasant and sunny, and I enjoyed walking around the 20-acre park!

This was a cool lookout point (not pictured: Koi pond below.)
I love the sprawling look of these maple tree branches!
Crisp, vivid Japanese maple leaves.

Our most recent trip was to Discovery Park in early November. As the largest city park in Seattle, this is one that’s been on my list for a while! We hiked to the park’s lighthouse and enjoyed the spectacular overlook of Puget Sound. It was quite different than other parks we’ve visited here, and the buildings and scenery reminded me a bit of New England/Cape Cod. I highly recommend this park!