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Hannah Jacobs – Animator

August 31, 2017

I really admire the work of UK-based animator Hannah Jacobs. Her films always capture a sense of raw, human emotion and feel very personal and intimate. Before first seeing her work through The School of Life, I never imagined illustration could be brought to life in such a way. Above is her showreel of selected work.

Marc Martin Illustration

December 2, 2016

I love the work of this illustrator, Marc Martin! His design sensibility and bright, friendly colors & shapes are fantastic. Above is a spread from his children’s story, Max.

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Adam J. Kurtz

October 4, 2016

Adam J. Kurtz is a designer, artist, and author based in Brooklyn, New York. Whether it’s products from his quirky online gift shop, creative journals (including his latest, called Pick Me Up, which comes out tomorrow), or his monthly column for Design*Sponge, Adam’s work is always refreshingly honest and genuine.

What I think is most inspiring about his work is how he handles dark topics such as mental health issues. Adam creates work that is optimistic and realistic at the same time and incorporates humor. The result is something that is accessible and authentic.

Check out Adam’s work on his website, and be sure to take a look at his writing on Design*Sponge.

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