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Inside Apple Park

December 10, 2021

Two cover designs from the January 2022 issue of Wallpaper*

Apple is one of my favorite companies and has always been a source of creative inspiration and geekery for me. That’s why I was excited to see a new long-form piece on the tech giant in Wallpaper* Magazine today.

It’s a fascinating look into the inner workings of the Apple Design Team, covering the team’s growth and evolution. And of course, there are many little gems within the article that uncover Apple’s history and spirit of collaboration.

I love this quote on the process behind their products:

Industrial design is by its nature multidisciplinary, although individual expertise is obviously hugely valuable. There are team members who are as adept at coding as they are at three-dimensional design, but in general, the most useful quality – beyond skill and aptitude – is a sense of curiosity.

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Share Your Gifts

November 21, 2018

Lovely animated holiday ad by Apple. Read more and see behind-the-scenes on Adweek.

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January 21, 2018

Last semester I discovered a visual organization platform called Dropmark. Created by Oak, an independent design-led product studio in Brooklyn, New York, Dropmark is my go-to way to collect images and inspiration for my projects at school. Similar to Pinterest, you can create collections, but it goes even further because you can store links and files, too, with source information and even stacks within collections.

There are also features for searching, tagging, and adding directly from your browser or Mac menubar. The product is clean, functional, and incredibly useful for designers of all types. If you have a minute, check out their website and see for yourself how you can integrate it into your workflow.

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Susan Kare Interview

July 31, 2016

This interview with designer Susan Kare is fascinating! Kare designed icons and fonts for Apple in the 80s and helped create the graphical user interface for the original Mac.

I love Kare’s approach to creating icons that goes beyond the obvious concepts and is even sometimes humorous. She describes icon design as “like solving a puzzle, trying to marry an image and idea that, ideally, will be easy for people to understand and remember.”

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