Instagram Inspiration

September 27, 2020

I’ve been collecting visual inspiration from artists I follow on Instagram, so I’m sharing some favorite recent-ish posts below. I encourage you to check them out and follow if you find something interesting!

Counter-Print is a great resource to find all sorts of emerging, fascinating art & design books, magazines, and more. I love the stationery and homeware products they feature, too, like these spectrum rulers above. What a cool look! The shop is based in London, and you can see more beautiful products on their website here.


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how i define art: feel something and then create work that evokes that emotion in others it doesn’t take much and it doesn’t have to change the world, but it might change your own world just enough to make you feel okay lately i’ve been struggling with my purpose on this planet (who isn’t) and distracting myself with tactile tasks like packaging up stickers and stamping pencils and the sort of hands on stuff i did a lot of in the earlier days of having an online shop i’ve also been digging into my work archives as i plan a personal zine anthology as well as an abridged work archive for my website and you know, just spending a lot of time looking at what i’ve made and what makes it feel good or bad or special or useful or not (to me) the world is scary but honestly it’s always scary… trying to focus on the good, because it’s there too, even if i take it for granted

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I’ve been a long-time Adam J. Kurtz fan, and this post from July resonated with me. Follow his work if you haven’t already!


Brilliant work by Derek Abella for NY Times Opinion Art—another good follow if you’re into editorial illustration!


Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist, poet, and musician with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her work is deeply inspiring and affirming!


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Maggie Chiang makes beautiful watercolor illustrations that “evoke a longing for adventure and the pursuit of the unknown, exploring impossible landscapes and places unseen.”

See more of Maggie’s art on her website!


I love pennants, and this collaboration between Oxford Pennant and Julian Montague is so delightful.


This work by Masashi Murakami caught my eye on the It’s Nice That feed:

In an increasingly technological world, there is ever-more demand to make something digital appear physical – apps that “turn” iPhone photographs into 35mm film are a prime example of this. Rarely do we find ourselves changing things in the opposite direction, but that is exactly what Masashi Murakami has been exploring in his latest exhibition, affects.

Read more about his process here!

Bonus Video Finds

Andrea Love’s charming stop-motion animations using felt and wool.

A series of abstract kinetic characters by Lucas Zanotto, including his creative music and sound effects!

Visual, animated love letters by designer Debbie Millman.